Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Various Rambles...

Well I gave several of the Sure'T's to Jenn to try.....seems she likes them! They are a good set, and very under-utilized I feel! Even though I do say this, I have not used a Sure-T since my last post. I have found my body sensitive over the past month. I reacted poorly to several Sure-T's, and even to a few of my glucose I am trying to give my body a little rest to heal!!

This is what Jenn said about the Sure-T sets

1. You can sort of pry up the clear plastic on top of the adhesive and use it as a "handle" while you are inserting. Sort of neat.

2. The silhouette connectory bit's adhesive pad is just *slightly larger* than the site's adhesive pad. I just turned the extra tubing coming from the site around the actual site, and then stuck the silhouette connector adhesive pad right on top of it, so the actual site is hidden. Also sort of neat! :-) It seems much more managable that way.

I agree 100% with both these points...and two reason I like these sets. I wish the tubing was longer - so I have been known to take one of my silhouette sets and use that tubing. Rather wasteful, but in the right situation it works!!

Ahhh I am still waiting for my insurance company to get on line and offer coverage for the glucose sensors! It is getting rather I find I am not using them all of the time. I will be the first to admit my glucose control is much better with the maybe it is time to rethink the household budget and find more money :) Ahhhhh maybe the fight with the insurance company would be easier!!