Sunday, April 27, 2008


Medtronic Global Hero?

I was very surprised the other day to receive an email from Medtronic, offering me a spot as a Medtronic Global Hero! They would like to send me to Minneapolis to run a marathon. I did not even think twice about this adventure, and said YES INDEED! I did apply a few months back, but with most applications I submit, I did not expect to hear back. My philosophy is to apply, and decide if or when I am called. Maybe I am just trying to avoid disappointment that way :)

Either way, I was pleasantly surprised .... after that....a little anxiety and panic, but now I am continuing my training and ready to go!

I was out for a lovely hike yesterday. It was a cool day, with overcast skys. I headed out to the coast and hiked the Duncans Cover trail. This is a very beautiful trail, with wartime ruins along the coast. These were watch out shelters during the war. Now, they are refugee shelters for hikers, and open canvas for creative graffiti artists.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Grumble Grumble

Oh who's idea was it to share this gastrointestinal bug?

Don't listen to your mother, it is not nice to share!

Here is a neat little link for all those awaiting the arrival of their new contour meters.....check out the Ascensia website where they are giving out matching meter and pump skin combos!

I am so easily swayed .....