Sunday, August 31, 2008


I am sitting, looking out over the ocean, listening to what has turned out to be one of the loudest and most vibrant thunder storms of the year. It sounds like the bedrock is moving underneath the earth. I can only imagine what a person would think during an earthquake! I can feel the rumble of the thunder through my bones, and can see the house moving...i am thankful to be inside, looking out.....even the birds have retreated to the safety of the spruce trees in the back yard. Their little yellow bodies don't stand a chance against the pounding hail. Is this really the way summer is leaving?

Tomorrow is September 1st. I will be phasing out the sandles....and welcoming in fall. Certainly my favorite time of year. I weathered summer, tried new things, save new places....travelled throughout the Maritimes by foot, car, motorcycle, bicycle, truck..... This fall I am gearing up for camping, hiking, traveling to places I have never been, trying things I have never tried.....I have high hopes and tickets booked :)

Incidentally enough, my Minilink is still up and running. I have been reading more and more these days where people are starting to see their Minilinks reach the end of their precious lives. It has been over a year since Medtronic has had something "new" to offer it's loyal customers. I feel we need something new, something for us pumpers to focus on and marvel over. The Minilink is great technology (even though the insurance coverage does not exist for most people....) but it is time for an upgrade!? New features? I can only change my pump skin so many times....I need something new!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Keep Running!!

Well, tonight ... I found out an easy to keep keep the feet moving quickly, when out for a training run.

Tonight was a 10km run. I started out well, good form and speed. The run felt good.

About 8km in to the run, I felt my sugars dropping. I walked, at a few candies...and knew I was fine to keep running. My mind just wanted to walk. Such a nice evening walking along the oceanside. No traffic, no people....flat road....until I looked behind me, and saw a huge cloud of mosquitos!! There must have been about 20 on my back, and a cloud quickly forming behind me! Yup....there is my sure fire way to keep on running!!

Seems it has been rather damp lately, lots of rain in Nova Scotia! Those little buggers got me home in record time!