Saturday, July 03, 2010

Jelly Bellys were on sale at Costco......

Last week, I visited Coscto with my parents. This is where this story starts!

The night before, I had emptied the candy jar that I keep hidden under my bed. It was a nice midnight feast (that I vaguely remember). I recalled this event when we were browsing the isles of Costco, and I saw an extra large bag of "Jelly Belly's" on sale! "ok", I thought to myself "lets try something different.....all sorts of great flavours!"

The large bag of beans came home with me, and filled my midnight candy jar.

Let's fast forward to the other night. I had an excellent "bootcamp" workout, but it left me a tad low around 2am. I reached for the candy jar, knowing I only needed a few of these magic beans. I stuck my hand in the jar, grabbed 6 beans, and started chomping.

For a mere second I thought I was going to gag! What the heck happened?

GROSS. That is all I can say about that. Individually, Jelly Belly's carry unique jelly bean flavours and are quite tasty. Coffee, watermelon, lemon, popcorn, coconut, berry, chocolate.....but when you take 6 incompatible flavours, and throw them in your mouth at the same time, it is not tasty. Resembled barf.....

Rude awakening! Lesson learned!

Eating those tiny jelly beans one at a time, is about the same as trying to eat KD one noodle at a time :)