Sunday, July 29, 2007

New Medic Alert Bracelet!

Finally! My new medic alert bracelet! Took a little longer, but I made the beads by hand!

  Here is the final product:

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Butterflies and Bees

All around my house is full of wildlife and flowers! Blue Jays, Chickadees, Herons, Yellow Finches, Doves, Rabbits and recently: butterflies and bees! I love summer!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

6 Years ago today....and Happy Birthday Dad!

My first day with an insulin pump was exactly 6 years ago today. WOW where did the time go? I remember that day like it was yesterday. I wish I could go back to that point in my life again...but of course with the knowledge I have now!

To celebrate, I went out to dinner with one of my best friends and reflected! I think my pump anniversary is more to me then my own birthday! What a life changing experience. Thanks Kerry :)

My reflections:
I enjoy sleeping in
I work shift work, including night shifts
I do not eat set meals at set times
I have not been to an ER for diabetes emergencies               in the past 6 years
I enjoy multi day hikes, without worries
I have reduced, and continue to reduce my HA1c
I feel almost normal
I have met many amazing friend who also use pumps
I enjoy always knowing what my BG is
No more high AM sugars
Food is fun, not medicinal 

Life is easier.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Don't let me down Energizer!

I have been "pumping" for 5 years and 363 days ( 6 year anniversary is quickly approaching!!!).

I first started with a Minimed 507C, blue.

I upgraded several times having quality pump time with the 508, 511, 512 and now 522. The first two pumps required the small watch batteries. They were tricky to find, I ended up buying them bulk over the internet.

I was very happy when I graduated to a pump that required AAA batteries.....!!

The entire time I have stayed faithful and true to the Energizer battery. Minimed told me my warranty would only be valid if I used Energizer batteries. I am sure this was a marketing ploy between Medtronic and Energizer, but either way I never strayed. 6 years is a long time to commit to one brand of batteries!

Two nights ago my pump told me it needed a fresh battery. I pulled out a brand new 4 pack of AAA-energizer batteries I picked up earlier at the Lawtons in town. Put the new battery in, and the low battery alarm did not clear! Strange....I have never had this happen!

I waited 10 minutes, and still the pump showed low battery.

SO, the first fresh battery out of that pack was chucked in the garbage.

Pulled out the second, same thing.

I did feel anxious, what if all 4 were dead. I am sure I could search out other batteries in my house, but they certainly were not energizer! Uh oh.

Quickly I took out battery #3 from the new pack, popped it in the pump and AHHHH, fully charged again.

Even after this incident I will still buy energizer batteries. Must have been bad batch or something. They were well within their expiration phase.....Minimed warned me against buying the 12 pack of AAA batteries stating by the time I got to the end of the 12 pack the batteries may have lost their charge!?!?!?! That seemed strange, but that was also one person who said that 3 or 4 years ago....but it was also 1 person 6 years ago who told me to only use energizer.....hmmm.....

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Life in Turmoil

I find stress makes my BGL go up. WAYYYY UPPP (in the words of the friendly giant). I am sure others find my life these days has caused my basal rate to be at least 120%. Grrr.....

My expired sensor gave me 8 wonderful days, but last night it seemed to be lagging. It did not pick up a BGL of 10 mmol/L while I was sleeping, but it did pick up my drop to 3.8 mmol/L with my correction bolus at 5am. Strange....

I am trying to let it catch up, right now my sensor reads 5.8, and my tester reads 5.7. That's good......I have never has an issue with my sensor while sleeping until now. I am going to give the sensor the rest of the day to prove itself, and if it does not....Out it comes.

Maybe this was the first time I have experienced what others say, decreased fluid around the sensor site while sleeping - whether it be from pressure on the site or lack of movement.

Either way, ZERO trust right now.....until this little devil proves its reliability......

Monday, July 16, 2007

OH MY, A Pink Infusion Set!

Today, I am having my first ever experiences with the Inset infusion set. Thanks Jen who brought me a sample (Thank you! Thank you!) I was immediately taken by the pink color on the set. A little something to spice it up!

I really like the set-up, all of the mechanisms are inside the inserter device. I open the top, unwind the tubing and pull back the inserter. BANG....done. Easy as that.

Slick, easy, colorful - and in its own shell. So far, I am impressed.

I have a little pink infusion set now. Cute! The disconnect hub is a nice slick connection, comfortable to use.

We'll see how this trial goes. So far, 100% impressed. Now to track these puppies down! Anyone in Canada using the Inset-II? I probably should have checked that out before getting hooked on the design and functionality of this set!

Unrelated updates: My "expired" sensor is doing EXCELLENT! Thank god I did not obey the expiration date, or I would be missing this amazingly accurate sensor! Still alive and clicking.....keep me in a straight line......I was very excited to read a trick with the button on the pump. I read this on the Insulin Pump Forum last night, if I click the bolus wizard button and the up arrow, it will return me to the home screen from any of the other screens! No more What am I going to do with all this time I will save HA! Either way, an excellent trick to now know!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Expired Sensor....Whoops!

I found a sneaky sensor hiding in my fridge. It expired June 10, 2007.....WHOOPS!

Research is showing the sensors are good past their expiration date, so at 5:30am this morning I brought this overdue sensor to life!

Fresh out of the shower, and in a hurry for work, I inserted the sensor on my right thigh.....left the needle in for about 10 minutes. I needed to put on my pants to go to work, so I HAD to pull out the needle HA! No blood at all.....I hooked up the charged Minilink and was along my way.

The sensor started no problem, and is chugging away just fine.

So 1 month over expiration. Day #1 all good, lets see how it goes!

Monday, July 09, 2007

I tried to be responsible!

I tried, and I followed the advice I was given all throughout my diabetes lifetime.

"Get a medic alert bracelet, and wear it"

I have had several throughout my lifetime, but a few years ago I lost my bracelet, and never bothered to replace it. I figured "why bother....". Seems ironic seeing that I work in the front of the line pre hospital field....

Last November I purchased this fancy little medical alert bracelet from the Medical Alert Canada company. The bracelet arrived, and I have been wearing it faithfully every since!

Good for me!

Yesterday, it broke....and my pretty little beads flew all over my car. I tried to gather them up, but I am missing several. I searched and searched, calling out for my missing beads.....(and then realized my car was dirty and spent several hours after that cleaning it out)

I called Medic Alert this morning, thinking this was straight forward: It is broken, they replace. No, not that easy. Hmm....I barely like wearing this bracelet as it is....don't give me reason to steer away now!

Sure enough, I was offered no help. They will repair the bracelet for me - but it would require me to mail the bracelet at my expense and wait the 8 weeks or so. PLUS, I am missing several of the beads from the explosive they said it can not be repaired!?

Ah well, I wore the bracelet and was responsible for the past 9 months. Maybe with my new beading talents I will create a new bracelet, and incorporate the medic alert tag. I think that is what I will do....give me some time, but I am sure it will be less then the 8 weeks quoted, and I will have a new (and more creative) bracelet on the go! From this frustration will come good. I promise!

(later this evening: I spent an hour or two tonight working on new beads for my bracelet (Lampworking).....hard to make small beads!! Stand by for the pics tomorrow of the beads I created, and I will get some heavy duty bracelet wire and make a creation that will not break!!)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

You think I would have learned the first time....or the second.....and so on.....

It is usually busy during my 4 days on at work. I enjoy my schedule - 4 on, 4 off, I really can not complain!

Yesterday was my day between my two nights. I was home at 7am and hopped right into bed. Nighty Night!

I woke to my alarm at 4pm, as usual. Up and on the go. I have a set routine of the things I do as I prepare for the second and last night shift.

5:30, I was out the door. Right on time and even hung a line of laundry!

I was half way to work when my pump alarmed. I checked, Low reservoir. DOH!

Now I could change it at work, but I did not want to. The set and insulin at work are my spare, and I had fresh waiting at home!

14 units when I arrived at work - I was now on a budget for the next 12 hours.

Whoops, a few too many correction bolus thanks to my need to "snack" always have the good treats at work!

3am I checked, the pump summary screen read --:-- units remaining. WHOOPS.

BUT, Minimed must have it set up for extra units, much like a gas tanks and the "E" light!

I arrived home at 7am this morning, and my BG had not risen, even tho I was running on empty for the past 4 hours! Not sure how much extra, but there is some give to their "empty --:-- left" status!

I am changing my set now, and will nap for the morning! Full again. Ahhh, sigh of relief!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Catchy Line.....

I reached into my pant's pocket and took out my pump, reading the value on the front, and returning the pump to my pocket.

I catch the eyes of a co-worker watching me, as if for a response.

I turn to her and say "my body is sending me a text message".....and turn around to my desk.....

I heard her giggle