Monday, July 16, 2007

OH MY, A Pink Infusion Set!

Today, I am having my first ever experiences with the Inset infusion set. Thanks Jen who brought me a sample (Thank you! Thank you!) I was immediately taken by the pink color on the set. A little something to spice it up!

I really like the set-up, all of the mechanisms are inside the inserter device. I open the top, unwind the tubing and pull back the inserter. BANG....done. Easy as that.

Slick, easy, colorful - and in its own shell. So far, I am impressed.

I have a little pink infusion set now. Cute! The disconnect hub is a nice slick connection, comfortable to use.

We'll see how this trial goes. So far, 100% impressed. Now to track these puppies down! Anyone in Canada using the Inset-II? I probably should have checked that out before getting hooked on the design and functionality of this set!

Unrelated updates: My "expired" sensor is doing EXCELLENT! Thank god I did not obey the expiration date, or I would be missing this amazingly accurate sensor! Still alive and clicking.....keep me in a straight line......I was very excited to read a trick with the button on the pump. I read this on the Insulin Pump Forum last night, if I click the bolus wizard button and the up arrow, it will return me to the home screen from any of the other screens! No more What am I going to do with all this time I will save HA! Either way, an excellent trick to now know!!


Randee said...

Just a question for you: are you using that with a medtronic pump? I have a minimed 512 & I haven't heard of this set. I love that it comes in different colours!

Jen Alexander / marathonswimmer said...

Yaaaaay, pink infusions sets! :)