Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Expired Sensor....Whoops!

I found a sneaky sensor hiding in my fridge. It expired June 10, 2007.....WHOOPS!

Research is showing the sensors are good past their expiration date, so at 5:30am this morning I brought this overdue sensor to life!

Fresh out of the shower, and in a hurry for work, I inserted the sensor on my right thigh.....left the needle in for about 10 minutes. I needed to put on my pants to go to work, so I HAD to pull out the needle HA! No blood at all.....I hooked up the charged Minilink and was along my way.

The sensor started no problem, and is chugging away just fine.

So 1 month over expiration. Day #1 all good, lets see how it goes!


Caro said...

I think those expiry dates are way conservative. I've used one sensor that was 3 months(!) past its date and it was good for two weeks. I've also used sensors that have been out of the fridge for several weeks without problems - which I think stands to reason. After all, the sensors work at body temperature!

(Of course, I wouldn't want to recommend letting sensors expire or leaving them out of the fridge if avoidable...)

Sara said...

Hi Drea-
Great blog. I'm really psyched to find someone writing about the Paradigm system. I'll be getting the transmitter to go with my pump as soon as the paperwork goes through (hooray!), and it's great to be able to read about your experience.

I put your blog up in my links, hope you don't mind (if you do just let me know)!

Keep writing, I'm really enjoying it.