Monday, June 23, 2008


I should be ok with waiting....or should I?

I had blood taken on Wednesday. A lot of blood.....more then I think was necessary, but only because it made me squeamish! This is highly ironic, as I work in the health care field, and have seen enough blood and gore to desensitize a whole health care team....but watching those small vials, pulsate full with my bright red blood, still brings me down!!

Either way, it will take a week for those results to make it to my doctors desk....but I know, right now, the results are known....just not to me.....ohhhhh the suspense!!

It is not a major issue.....inconvenient, but not major (everything is relevant....!!!). No more gluten? can't be that hard (sarcastic) It all started with those famed words "we found some abnormalities in your blood work". I joked and said "My HbA1c out of normal range? I may have diabetes".....sigh, no laughter in return. Come on Doc, I attempt to lighten the mood with a joke!

2 more days, hopefully.....I will do as usual, and keep busy!!

Monday, June 16, 2008


To be quite honest, life has been exhausting over the past while. It seems every little task requires such effort and thought! I am in a phase of change, looking for a safe place to fall and exist, and feel at is truly Drea, against the world. The familiarity of this simplistic safety......but at the same time crunching down HARD with my diabetes control. I had sub-optimal lab results last week. Initially it was frustrating, and I did dwell a few days....but I talked it over in my mind, gave the 'ol internal slap, and got it back on track. That stint was a short lived diabetes vacation....well not really a true diabetes vacation, I simply allowed other factors (grrrrr) in my life to cloud my own self care! Not a positive choice! Lesson learned.....I knew better. What was I thinking?

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Waterproof case - for my dear pump!

Well my search is on for a waterproof case for my i spoke about earlier. I am geared up for the summer water season, but also want to be able to use my CGMS! I have a habit of ignoring my Blood Sugars when I am out for a day in the boat, and often end up "High as a kite"! This year....I will avoid is my mission.....but in order to do this, the perfect waterproof case is my goal!

I found a flyer from last year, from Medtronic, introducing the Medtronic Seal. I was rather excited when I read about this...and watched the website for a year awaiting the arrival of this great looking creating! I waited....and waited.....and waited. A few weeks ago, I called Minimed, to ask about this case. No one had any I am not counting on this case in 2008!

Onwards to the web. I was given a website for the Aquapak (thanks Dave) case. This looks like it may be the best bet.....but I wish I could see it in person before buying!!

I have the Medtronic waterproof case now. I bought it last week off the website. The rep at Minimed advised it would fit my I purchased, and awaited its arrival. I have a guarantee from Minimed, that this case will be waterproof for my paradigm pump. Not bad.....but bulky. It will work, but my quest is not stopping here. I want smaller, and easier to use!!!

The search continues!!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

...Beep Beep Beep...........

As a pumper, I am in tune to all the sounds my pump makes......this is often tricky at work. My daily sidekick also wears a pump which has the same beep beep beep as mine!!

Tonight, we had a meeting after work. I was in the middle of a presentation, when I heard my coworkers pump alarming. You see, I felt smart having my pump on vibrate, that beeping sound would not interrupt me!

The pump alarmed again....I looked at my fellow pumper, and he was smirking. I whispered said "your plastic pancreas is calling you!"

He shook his head no.

I said "Yeah it is, I can hear it!!"

He smiled, and shook his head again.

Ohh noooo way....sure enough, it was me. I did not feel the vibrations!

I pulled my pump out, just enough to see the screen, cleared the alarm and stuck the pump back in its hiding place...thinking no one would see. I heard a few snickers from those who saw the entire event unfold.....especially from a co-worker on the other side of the room who has a girlfriend on a pump....

Ahh a quirky pump moment for those who understand!!