Sunday, February 25, 2007

Pictures from Today's Hike

What a beautiful day! +2 Celcius and sunny! Just uploaded my pics - here are a few of the 100+ I took! Enjoy!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sore......but a good sore......

Yes I am a weeeee bit sore this morning. I met with my trainer at the gym yesterday afternoon! This was meet #2 since I rejoined the personal training program. I have met with Devin in the past and crave his energy! Everyone needs something to keep them going!

I am lucky, my work kicks in a % for my gym membership, and then the rest comes off my pay biweekly - so lets be honest, since they take it right off my pay I don't even miss it! SOOO I kicked in a little extra $$ and meet with Devin twice a month.

No more wasting time at the gym! Seems funny to say - I am still going, but not as often and for a shorter period of time. Devin created a program I run through - and once I am done what he tells me to do I GO HOME !! He is worth the money!

I am rewarding myself today, I feel it was a good week. I steered away from candy (yes Jamie I know, there was those chocolates..but that is between you and me HA...) so I am heading to Frenchy's - an awesome used clothing store that sells all the brand name clothes from the US - every hot and top name you could think of! You have to dig through bins, but it is such an adventure and you never know what you will find! CHEAP too....$2 for a shirt, $3 pants etc - I am sure you all know the deal - but it is always fun! I'll come out with a garbage bag full of clothes for everyone I know! Frenchy's (guy is the owner's name, not meaning for men only!) I'll let you know how it goes!

I no longer take my pump off at the gym. I used to - disconnect and keep the pump in my locker. With the CGMS, the pump is too valuable to leave off - I need it to tell me if I am dropping - so I tuck the pump in my sports bra and never know the difference! No lows at the gym yet - its going pretty good!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

My sensor just lasted 25 days!

I did not mean to let it go that long, but the sensor was doing so well I just let it be! 25 days it lived on my left thigh....we hung out by the fire, went skiing in Quebec and out on the town in Halifax....this sensor saw a good life!

The accuracy was great the whole life of the sensor. I changed the tape every couple of days and kept a close eye on the skin and the sensor. There was no blood when I inserted this sensor - that helped the longevity.

25 days is a longer then normal time. I'll be honest, I was a little nervous when I pulled off the sensor yesterday. I did not know what to expect.....the skin looked similar to when you remove an infusion set, a red bump - but the skin under the tape was dry and will need moisturizer for a few days!

I have a new sidekick, a new sensor on the right thigh.....we're getting to know each other quite well now!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Suggestion for Minimed - my wish list....

I was thinking today - about things I think Minimed should do to improve their insulin pumps....small things, but I have been collecting these ideas in my mind. I hope someone from Minimed reads this!!

My pump wish list:

1. Colored infusion sets. Add a little life to the sites we have to see and use all day, every day! Still keep them transparent to watch for bubbles....but spice them up a bit! Patterns on the adhesive pad, colored that there are more options in the marketplace, gotta keep it fresh!

2. Pump summary screen to show Active Insulin on board at any point in time. This will depend on the "Active insulin" time you have set on your pump - but it would be nice on the summary screen to see like it does: the number of units left, the last bolus etc - but a line that shows as well the Active insulin at that time. This would be nice when anticipating for activity, sleeping etc.

3. Rechargable batteries....

4. NEW PUMP CASES!! Again time to spice it up a bit - it seems it is the same cases since the days of the first paradigm pumps! Great $$ potential as most of us PUMPERS are obsessed with organizing supplies that have to go with us all the time! The one standard pump supply case is plain. It works, but there is not user friendly. More selections are needed for day bags, overnight bags, beach bags etc...all designed for diabetes supplies. Minimed give me a call, I have lots of ideas. HA!

5. A tubing length with the minimed in between the 23inch and the 46inch length...

6. I would love to see the carb database that the Cozmore pump has developed - NICE feature!

7. This is #7, but I think most important. BETTER SOFTWARE - carelink is not working for me. I do not like to have to be hooked to the internet to upload and utilize my data. I don't fell secure doing that....I want software that stands alone on my MAC computer ( has to work with MAC!!!) to upload my meter and pump data. As it stands now, I have to reboot my laptop into Windows and upload. The upload is slow...and I can not easily utilize the data without being connected to the internet....Solutions software was good - improve and work on that software please!!

I am sure there are more things I wish for....but this is what I can pull out of my brain right now!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!

I finished my work rotation this morning at 7am, after a long 12hr night shift....but when I tried to leave work, I found that my car was not looking right! The back end was almost to the ground....something was not right! I knew I could not drive it, so I called CAA (which has been worth its weight in GOLD) and a COLD hour and a half later (seems they lost my call....!!!????) the tow truck arrived and took me to the garage. A BIG FIX IT BILL later, the rear struts are brand spanking new...and now I am home.

I should be tired....seeing that I have been up since 3pm yesterday....but Nova Scotia is expecting a large winter storm later today so I have to bring in firewood...but a quick stop to check email has landed me in front of the computer and I am fascinated reading through all the blogs I follow...I'll get to the wood later, there are no snow flakes in the air yet!

I'll be honest, it is not easy to keep my diabetes under control while working shift work. If I had my choice within my job, I would rather work only days - but that is not an option at this time. I find I wear myself out by not sleeping after my nights (like today....whoops....)....and there is NO schedule to my life. Thankfully I have a pump, or there would be no hope for control!

When I started pumping, I tried setting up different profiles. I had a "day shift' profile, a "night shift" profile and a "not work day" profile. In theory it was a good idea - but I was always checking which profile I was in and often missed switching. SOOO now, I have one profile and it works fine for the most part. I have to watch that I do not drop in the wee hours of the morning, when I sleep I need more insulin but if I am up for a night shift - my body does not have that extra need.

I find it more useful to use temp basals, rather then having different profiles....that works for me....

NOW to bring in wood....snow is coming.

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! I am enjoying my bouquet of new VW struts.


Monday, February 12, 2007

Pump Skin Update.....2.5 months.....

Well I had to look back to find out exactly when I put this pump skin on....but it has been one my pump since Nov 28, 2.5 months! I am enjoying the pump skin, a little ray of sunshine everytime I take the pump out of my pocket!!

I think it is holding up very well! A small wear on the side corner, but other then that all ok! I am going to keep it on is a picture today:

I was out again taking pictures....and could not resist the ice fishers! It is ZERO out today, so I am assuming they are enjoying this warmer weather!

OH YEAH, I am on day #15 with this current feels great, no problems, no irritations. I typically would not leave it in this long, but it is super accurate and feel fine.........!!! WOW!

Friday, February 09, 2007

My pump just fell out....

I was at the gym today, working with my personal trainer. Working away.....doing some sort of exercise when WHOOPS, my pump fell out of my pocket and was DANGLING!! 23 inch did not reach the ground. I kept going - but had to stop cause his jaw was hanging down. I picked it up, put it in my pocket and kept on going. His jaw was still hanging I giggle, and said "I hate it when that happens eh".....and then had to give a show and tell....and lesson on an insulin pump.

Too funny......

Here are some pictures from the pond across the street - great skating!!


Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I found this picture on my camera! That was taken on the dash of the car while driving the other day. It was -28 when the car was started...thankfully it warmed up a degree before the picture was taken!

I bought a new pair of skates today! New-To-Me. I went in with my old skates, sold them to the "used sporting goods" store, and bought new used skates! Sold me old skates for $20!!! My new used ones (that sounds funny) cost me $4.95 SWEET DEAL! That was the excitement of my day! The pond across the street is frozen, smooth and free of ice - and even though it is FREEZING COLD out, I am always listening for the CRACK sound on the ice HA! I am taking the camera out tomorrow, so I will have pics of the skating pond!

I was skating around this afternoon, gracefully skating around....arms flying in the air....when WHOOPS, my mitten hooked on my pump tubing???? What was that doing outside its warm area?? Just like when you put a kid to bed, and you think the kid is asleep, but shows up 2 inches from your face while you nap on the couch. Same thing.

Thankfully I was up for a tubing change anyways - I figure that tubing had been out since I left the at least 45 minutes in the -12 air. I did not count on that 15 inches of tubing and insulin to be any good!!

This past set change lead me to a bad site selection! I was all set to try my arm for a site, but I backed out of the idea. I was not home, and I had a 23 inch tubing set. I figured if I wanted to keep my pump in my pants pocket I should use a 46 inch tubing (ALLLL pump users will agree you need more tubing......if you try to pull your pants down to pee and you don't have enough tubing when you site is on your arm....your chin will end up down by your knees as you pee HA!!!)

SOOO arm site I will try soon - but I put the site on the side of my thigh, right in the way of my pants (again, when dropping them to pee!!). I almost tore the site out many times, had to even put an OBSITE on the site to get the last say out of it! I am still deciding where to put my site tonight. I think I want to try something new.....I will let you know!


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Too Cold To Ski! Keep Your Pumps Warm!

Well Well Well, it was TOO COLD to ski! -32 before the windchill meant PACK YOUR BAGS, head home! Spent one day at the hill, and two days out skating on the lake....

Out skating in -20 meant I had to tuck my pump close to my body! I put the pump in an inside pocket on my pants (inner layer pants). Toasty warm, but I had no hope of hearing any alarms if they were to ring out!

I am home now, sitting by the fire. I have a few days at home to relax now, which is never a bad thing!


Saturday, February 03, 2007

Dreaded day-7 "LOST SENSOR" error.....

No picture with this post, I have not downloaded off the camera yet!!

So the dreaded day-7 Lost Sensor error! Happened at noon, while on the ski lift heading up the hill. (All the CGMS users GASP). I knew it was going to happen sometime today, but I was hoping for later in the evening when I was off the hill, all warm and cozy.

Instead, that nasty error called out to me BEEP BEEP BEEP....I saw WEAK SIGNAL, and I knew right away what was soon to follow! I could not have the pump any closer to the transmitter.....soooooo soon enough I was out and about with no sensor. No big deal, but I am so used to the comfort of reaching my pocket and knowing instantly how my sugar is doing!!

So I went in, had some lunch - and headed back to the room to take care of the sensor issue. Was checking my email while playing with the tape on the sensor. I had all the tape nicely moved on to reading the weather network online.....checked the site and re-taped.

Anyone pick up the fact that I actually did not disconnect the transmitter? HA, I missed that as well. A very nice new tape job now ready to me removed. Too funny, I was not paying attention and was in a hurry to get back out!! SOOO removed the tape again and this time actually re-set the sensor. Too back outside I head. Really cold out, but a good day :)


(later entry: Sensor restarted fine! Weather man is calling for -14 on Monday and I will be skiing..going to be a cold on! Oui Oui)