Thursday, March 20, 2008


A letter from Medtronic was waiting for me when I arrived home today.

Seems Bayer and Medtronic have joined forces, and created the "Contour Link, Wireless Blood Glucose Monitoring System". It looks like a Contour, but has the Medtronic symbol on the face of the meter.

Bayer has had this on their website for quite some time SEE HERE, but that article was released in Amsterdam. I have been watching the Canadian site for both Bayer and Medtronic, with no mention of this new meter.

Either way, this is great news as I have been using the Contour meter for a year now and did not want to have to buy new strips! Medtronic will be mailing these meters out in the next few weeks.....just when I had said I had not heard anything from Medtronic in quite some time. They must have heard me talking!

I do not use the wireless feature on the meter. I find if I do, it causes too many calibrations for my glucose sensor!! I do not test that often when I have the sensor up and running, but once I notice the sensor "lagging", I tend to test a few times a day to make sure the sensor is still online with my values! I found when I first started using the sensor, the frequent calibrations during fluctuations caused calibration errors!! I am ready for the BD Link meter to be gone from my meter collection. The meter I have is old and clunky, and I am in need of this change! I am eager to see what features this meter will have.....

This news on the Contour meter is a nice surprise on this rainy and icy day in Nova Scotia!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

BRRR Winter is COLD!

We have been spoiled this year in Nova Scotia. Winter has been a bit of a breeze (no pun intended!). We have had spring like temperatures most of the time....but yesterday reminded us that mother nature is still in control, and it is indeed still mid March. We has a good 'ol Atlantic Canada storm. I am now sitting down to a cup of coffee before I head out to shovel the driveway!

Does anyone else find we are in a "hurry up and wait" phase? I am waiting on two big tickets items.

1. Clinical guidelines for Medtronic's CGMS, so that my insurance company will consider coverage. It is getting hard to afford the $50 a week I am averaging. I was told "fall 2007", but am yet to see....I will continue to wait.

2. Medtronic's new meter!? Does anyone know what the delay is for this new creature heading our way? This is more a curiosity!! '

Hmmm there has been a bit of a lull in the Medtronic pump world....wonder what they are working on now!?

I'm off to shovel show! Take care!