Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'm watching the snow blow horizontally across the beach....

Over the holidays, I was up in Ontario visiting family.

I flew out of Halifax, during the January 1st winter storm. We were experiencing an extreme blizzard, and the flight I was scheduled on was cancelled........and re-cancelled......cancelled again......and again......and then after multiple stand-by flights, I did made it to Ontario.

No surprise, but during this process, my luggage was lost.

Thankfully, I had my life packed in my carry on .... with the exception of clothes for the week. Easy enough.

I spent the week in Ontario with no luggage. No winter clothes, no gifts for the people I was going to visit (I am going to rewrap them in Easter wrapping paper!!), but still had a WONDERFUL time.

I received my bag back, a week later, on the day I was returning to Halifax.

When I arrived at the check-in terminal at the airport, with my bag, I was asked "Has this bag been in your possession the entire time?".

I looked at the agent who was waiting to take my bag, and I said "Well actually no. It has not been".

She stopped, and looked at me, waiting further explanation.

"Well??", she said, "where has it been that it was out of your possession? We need to know for security purposes"

"Funny that", I said, "the bag has been with Air Canada for the past seven days. I just received it back. For once, I can not answer yes to this question"

I asked if she wanted to take a look in the bag. She seemed unimpressed, said no, and the bag was checked through.

Funny that..............