Monday, August 17, 2009

The weeee hours of the morning I heard a fly buzz by my ear.....I grabbed the sheet, and threw it over my head. AH HA fly, I will outsmart you.

It is summer in Nova Scotia, and it is toasty warm. It took only a few minutes and I began to cook under the sheet. I needed fresh air, so off went the sheet, and in came the fly.

Dang you fly, why are you bothering me while I try to sleep?

I rolled over, and grabbed my tester. I had turned my sensor off last night before going to bed. The sensor was on day 6 and I knew in the middle of the night it would end and wake me. If I started a "new sensor" it would wake me as well for a calibration. Rather then fooling around with double calibrations before going to bed, I just turned the sensor off for the night.

Soooo, here I am early in the morning with a fly buzzing around my head, starting up my sensor. I tested, and was alarmed at the higher then normal BGL in the morning. Hmmmm, maybe that is why the fly was buzzing me, for my sweet blood.

I searched through the sheets to find my pump. I could not find it. This is not abnormal, it tends to travel while I am dreaming. I usually start at my pump site and follow the tubing ..... this morning, I could not find either. HUH? I stood up, and found my pump in the sheets, disconnected. During the night, my pump pulled right out of my stomach. I have never had this happen!

I remember the day before saying "During these hot days I have to change my pump site more often, I should do that tonight"

I should have listened to myself! Isn't that always the way!!