Friday, August 24, 2007

Rain Rain Rain Rain

Today the forecast said "40% chance of rain"

It rained heavy ALL day! At one point my nephew and I could not take it indoors any longer, and we were prancing around on the wet the our bare feet! What a great visit from my family, including the lobster feast! 

So my new sensor is not giving me any errors. That strange sensor resetting seems at this point to have been isolated to my last sensor. That was very strange, and yes very annoying! 

Big news in Medtronic's world, they announced the new meters to be linked within their pump system. They announced for the US it will be a meter based on the One Touch system. They then announced the meter for everyone else outside of the US will be based on the Bayer Coutour system.

Being in Canada, I was very happy to hear Medtronic paired with Bayer. I use the Contour meter new. It is quite basic, but easy to use and I enjoy the meter....but I did find it strange that the choice of meters for Canada and US will be different WHY?


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sensor resetting? Strange!

Well I had a little blog vacation, I'll blame it on Birthday season! I am so excited, my parents are up to visit for the week. That means fun times!! My parents are the best guests, they bring their own house (only thing better is my sister, she brings entertainment in the form of kiddies!!!). My father was talented enough to back their trailer up the twisty driveway right by the back my days now include long walks along the beach, drinks on the patio....relaxing good times! 

I have had strange sensor/transmitter resets over the past week. Very strange! Everything would be going fine .... then all the sudden my sensor reads "weak signal" and soon after shows the 3hr restart screen. 1 hour later a calibration, and the sensor is back online. This was happening at a more frequent rate as the sensor age increased. I called Minimed, they really had no idea. I pulled the sensor yesterday and so far all is good.

Every time this strange reset occurred I was in different places, so I have nothing specific to blame it on. Once I was on the beach, another time at work .... once driving in the car. I blame it on the age of the sensor. With all the other sensors I knew they had lived their lifespan when the readings were "off". This last sensor never stopped being accurate, it just had sporatic connection issues! It was hard to pull this sensor that was still accurate - but I was getting tired of this reset every 4 - 8 hours!! No thanks!!

All is well, I have a new little buddy on my left thigh who is loving her new life. We hope for a long and healthy relationship!

Side note, check out Allison's page Lemonade Life, she has a short survey on the idea for a conference specifically for Type-1 diabetes!! It is about time ..... this survey has good questions and I hope the result is an excellent conference!! I would travel from Nova Scotia for sure....anyone need a ride along the way? HA!! 

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Accountable to what I eat....hmmmm.....

Well my trainer, Devin, is amazing. What more can I say!! We work out every two weeks - he keeps me inspired to take care of myself. I need his energy!

Today, we sat and talked. I wanted to talk about the poor state of my gym sneakers, he wanted to talk about the food I eat.

He won.

We talked about food - and I think he was concerned! Whoops.....He asked me to log my food for the next few days. Usually when I am asked to log I tend to eat SUPER-WELL! This time, I am being honest. He can see the slice of banana loaf and cup of party mix I ate while I watched TV. I will be 100% honest!! 

True, unbias food record. 

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

How do I set my oil budget on a HOT HOT summer day!

Irving Oil called today....they wanted to set me oil budget for the next 12 months! What a laugh I had. My furnace has been off since May, and is actually downstairs sweating during this 30+ degree Celsius heat wave! We talked about snow......furnace maintenance....storm windows....all the things you would expect on a sunny August afternoon!

I ordered in my first box of the inset-II infusion sets....they are BLUE! I thought I ordered pink, but I am equally excited to have some sort of color to my infusion set. Small things amuze me, I enjoy that I will have a little bit of color! I will have to read the instructions as Clay said he had a hard time using these sets! I don't think it will be that bad....I told him it was "user error" HA! I feel so wrong using an Animas set for my Minimed pump, but come on....I want the color! I want the pump-bling!

Friday, August 03, 2007


So.....I am on my last day of a week of Antibiotics. YUK, that is all I have to say.

My BG's have been all over the place - my body is under stress....had a small surgical procedure yesterday....and more antibiotics. Doctors are really scared of infections in persons with diabetes. I trust my Doctor, and she does an excellent job, so I tend to follow what she says. I am lucky to have a good Doctor (big Doctor shortage in my area......if you get a GP and they are good...Hang on!!!)

Everytime I am on Antibiotics my BG's go all over the place. IT may be from the Antibiotics, or from the underlying cause. Either way, this week has been exhausting. I need a few days to sleep and recover...and some probiotics to get my belly bacteria family growing again!

When your body is under stress, take care of yourself!