Sunday, October 15, 2006


I have been reading the daily posts on the Insulin Pump Forum - I must say I am impressed. Every day there are more and more people joining - and I want to help get the word out.

This is a great place to talk about issues with insulin pumps...good and bad. I know in my life, I rarely see other people with pumps...maybe a couple of times a year - so it is amazing to have people so close to talk about specific pump issues!! Everything from tubing length to Sensor tape...anything and everything. Excellent.....makes me feel like there are others out there in the same situations as I am in!!

For the longest time I felt I was isolated when I had my transmitter failure - I spoke with Minimed and they helped right away, but they did not discuss the fact that this same problem was happening to people all over and I was actually the same as many of the other people with my issues!! One person posted...and soon there were 5 or so others in the same situation....and I enjoy bouncing ideas off other people. Many can agree, it is not the same to discuss issues regarding pumps with friends/drs - it is not the same as discussing with someone who KNOWS exactly what I am talking about!!

There is a local pumpers group here in my area - but there are few meetings, and when there are meetings it seems there are a few pumpers - and the rest is people interested in learning more about pumping, or about to start on an insulin pump. The support group is valuable - but it seems not to be the place to bounce around ideas within the pumping again, this forum is amazing. THANKS to tiffany who set it up, and all the work she does!!!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Great Vacation!!

Wow, had a great vacation away!!! Spent several days in Boston - it had been a long time since i spent any time there!! Figured out the subway, and had a great time!! Caught Eric Clapton in concert, saw the blue man group....and many other great times in Boston!!

This was my first vacation with the CGMS system, and what a dream it was. I did not have to change my sensors at all - used the same one the entire time. My sugar levels were within range the entire time, which never happens on vacation! What a great feeling that was!!

I am home now - laundry is done, everything is put away....and now time to relax. Relax after the vacation! HA!

Friday, October 06, 2006


I have been neglecting my blog, I have been away!! Vacations are great....good for recharging the body ;)

All is going well - my new transmitter is amazing, I am on day #10 of the sensor I am using now and all is going well (knock on wood) - I find my new transmitter very is very nice to not have to test all the time - just take a look at the pump face and go on with my day. I am to the point where I am able to test twice a day just for my calibrations, and that is it. I am trusting the system ... and the pump has not led my astray. Nice!!!

Monday, October 02, 2006


It is a beautiful fall morning...sun is shining, just awaiting the passing of hurricane Issac!!

I developed a nasty cold yeseterday....the first day of my vacation :( I love the pump when I am sick. Don't get me wrong, I hate being sick ... but the pump makes it easier!! I have found my sugars fine to control during this cold which is strange- but for the first two dys I put my basal rate up 20%.

I should go take in the lawn chairs!!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

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