Saturday, December 29, 2007

I have a gym buddy!

Yesterday, I had tea with a good friend. This is not uncommon, but yesterday I went to the gym before our tea-meet. This is out of the ordinary, but I had time and was craving the clarity after a demanding run.

She arrived, and we started right in with the chatting! She noticed my gym bag, patiently waiting for me by my chair.

She curiously said "Is that a gym bag? Did you just go to the gym?"

"Why yes I did....." I answered. "You should have come with me!"

***DING, the light bulb illuminated**

Instantly, we both looked at each other and said "Lets be gym buddies!"

I have never had a gym buddy before, this is a whole new world!

Typically the gym is somewheres I go to "zone-out" and sort through thoughts in my head, and listen to music (if I ever went to the gym and my ipod was not working, I would turn around and question!). It is a game for the mind as I push myself further then I think I could....

I think I am ready to spice it up with a gym buddy! Exciting!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

In the rush of the whole season, I forgot to do a site change before the holidays! I had to leave work yesterday on my lunch break to make sure I had enough juice for the Christmas day feasts! (plural, as my family is having a dinner and then there will be a second at work tonight....and they expect me to stay awake during my night shift!!!!)

I am still using the Minimed Sure-T (metal set). Yesterday I decided to use my lower right stomach area...I have never put a metal set in that area. I was in a hurry, and did not think through my process well enough. I put the set in a lean area, not a lot of cushion between the set....and well, the internal workings of me! Several times over the past 24 hours, I have had painful pinches.....I am assuming the metal set pushing where it should not! I am going to have to pull the set when I am home later today....I fear I would not be able to sleep on my stomach :) My first such experience with a metal set, I have learned to use the teflon sets in areas that do not have a layer of.....cushioning......

This certainly does not turn me against the metal sets, they are still by far my favorite (lovely no tic tac toe scars...although I was trying to spell my name....) just a lesson learned!

Happy Holidays one and all! Be Safe!


Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas!

The joy of the holidays is here!!

Merry Christmas to one and all.

I will be enjoying the festivities from work (sigh). Don't feel bad, I am there so those with kids can be home celebrating. I think of it as having Christmas with my work family!

Have to love the glucose sensors over the holidays (well for that matter love it all the time!). I was at a party last night and there was a HUGE table of food. You would think that I pigged out, but I was not able, too busy chatting!! I guess that worked to my favor. I will remember to add that as a tip next year for people....don't eat, just keep talking! I could make millions selling that holiday waist line saver!

There has not been any big news or breakthroughs from Medtronic for quite awhile now. I think since the release of the Minilink in August. If I had to predict, I don't think we will hear too much until the new meter is introduced in 2008.....but I think everyone would agree we are up for an upgrade soon!

On my, I almost forgot to share my scarry pump experience last night! At the party (Thanks Gary for the great party!), I looked down to check my sugar reading. I felt all smart to have the pump totally out of view as I was dolled up for the party! I reached (like a lady) into the waist of my leotards to check...and the pump face was blank! Ohhh my heart sank....I gave my party-hosts a quick hug, and took off homewards. That was a long drive home, as I tried and tried to wake the pump up. NOTHING! This was really strange....and might I add, not fun. Before I was going to pick up the phone to call the hotline, I decided to try a new battery. FEUF, that worked and the pump came back to life and was chugging away like nothing ever happened.

What the heck happened? I was sitting strong at 2 battery lines before this all happened? I may have knocked it around, but that is normal for the pump and it's daily adventure. I can not explain why this happened, and I know Medtronic will not be able to explain why this I will be getting a new pump for Christmas! Should I wrap it under the tree? Maybe the delivery person will be dressed up like Santa! What a strange occurrence, but what a great sigh of relief when it came back to life......

Merry Christmas to one and all! Happy Holidays!! Stay warm!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Winter Storm!

Well we had our first winter storm.......and a good storm it was (well is, I am sitting watching the snow fall HARD!!!)....alas winter came with a vengeance earlier then all of the past years! Last year at this time it was fall we are buried in snow! snow! snow!

I love bundling up...lots of layers. It makes me feel cozy!
Going out for walks....feeling the crisp cold on my face. Refreshing!
Crawling into a crisp bed at night and piling on the layers of cozy quits. Warm!
Listening to the wind howl outside. Awakening!
Warm coffee by the fire. Delicious!
Curling up in a blanket with a good book. Comfort!
Sliding down snowy hills. Laughter!

Take in the beauty of winter....and keep your pumps warm :) I keep my pump close to my body to help it from getting cold! The opposite of summer, my poor pump gets confused!

Monday, December 10, 2007


I have been making great strides towards my goal of inner peace. Will I ever reach this point? Likely not, but every step I take provides more comfort within my life.

It feels good. It feels refreshing!

Peace of mind is associated with happiness. This is not to say my past was miserable, rather the peace of mind I needed was not obtainable due to factors outside of my control.

I took each of these factors and did one of two actions. I either eliminated the factor, or obtained control over the factor. This was a time consuming process.I would honestly say it was about 6 months ago I reached a low point knowing I needed changes......

The other night I was out for dinner with my friend Jenn. I felt excited for the future....Wow, what a feeling. There are moments like these in my life that I will never forget. That moment, sitting with Jenn and talking, I will never forget the inner light.

I felt peace!