Saturday, December 29, 2007

I have a gym buddy!

Yesterday, I had tea with a good friend. This is not uncommon, but yesterday I went to the gym before our tea-meet. This is out of the ordinary, but I had time and was craving the clarity after a demanding run.

She arrived, and we started right in with the chatting! She noticed my gym bag, patiently waiting for me by my chair.

She curiously said "Is that a gym bag? Did you just go to the gym?"

"Why yes I did....." I answered. "You should have come with me!"

***DING, the light bulb illuminated**

Instantly, we both looked at each other and said "Lets be gym buddies!"

I have never had a gym buddy before, this is a whole new world!

Typically the gym is somewheres I go to "zone-out" and sort through thoughts in my head, and listen to music (if I ever went to the gym and my ipod was not working, I would turn around and question!). It is a game for the mind as I push myself further then I think I could....

I think I am ready to spice it up with a gym buddy! Exciting!

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