Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Doug Burn's case to be dismissed!

I was very happy to read Amy's latest post on Diabetes Mine

The site reads "We have conducted further investigation and concluded that there is insufficient evidence to prosecute the case against Mr. Burns."

I was just about to pick up the phone in support :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Endo loves the Minilink!

I had a visit to my endo yesterday.

I wanted for about 45 minutes between the waiting room and the dr's office....but I did get to catch up on my magazine reading!

The appointment was about 7 minutes long, only because I was chatty....

Endo "you are not very interesting. every appointment it is the same old thing and nothing out of the ordinary"

Me "normally that would be an insult, but in this situation, I take it as good news"

Endo "Everything looks fine. Because of your history, you are categorized as a moderate risk for cardiovascular issues, your cholesterol levels are that of a low risk individual"

Me "Yippie!" (this was a concern of mine.....not that is changes how I eat, but still a concern!)

Endo "Your A1c could always be lower, but it is in a good range"

Me "I always strive for it to be lower.......every time I come in it is a little bit lower....."

So good news overall!

My endo was very supportive of the CGMS system - a big fan and appreciates its value! I of course praised the system as well and pulled out a few graphs from the carelink website....

I am not a fan of the carelink system. I tried to print off log books for my endo to see.....averages, trends etc - but I find the online carelink software impossible to use. For those of you who use carelink, I had to press retry about 25 times before the meter was read to 100%. I made it to 100% several times but then the program cut out before the data was transferred to the system so I could access. Every time the meter and pump were the cord's length away from the computer, no errors or alarms on the pump and the sensor was turned off! I find the carelink too unpredictable and time consuming....maybe I am too picky! I find I only use it every once and awhile to see the graph of how many of my readings are within my target range :)

I am loving my minilink still! Days go by and I forget it is there.....what a CGMS dream! I am on day #25 with my current sensor, and all seems to be going well. It makes a world of difference to not have all that tape!! I have a little piece over the sensor/transmitter now....and that seems to cause no problems! Still accurate......still chugging away......every day longer the sensor goes is that much easier on my pocketbook!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sugar Shopping Good times!!

What fun we had today......two diabetics set loose in a warehouse full of candy. HAAA!!

Jen and I go shopping several times a year for CANDY that is perfect for treating lows. This all started by Jen, realizing that jumbo rockets fit perfectly into a glucose tab container (brilliant!). Even though I was busted today with my jumbo rockets in a plastic zip lock bag (whoops!)....HA!

We headed down to the wholesalers warehouse in Halifax, where every candy you could think of is sold in bulk. A local version of price club/sams....with two silly diabetics reading every label of every candy and critiquing on the ease for treating lows!

I was drawn to the sugar laden lollipops, but they had over 25 grams of carb per no go, we want nice even easy 15 gram servings! Our trusty fail safes are the rockets - and Jen goes through them candy! (she does swim a million kilometers every week and all!) Jen consumes 4 times the jumbo rockets then I, so she ended up with 4 boxes of jumbo rockets and I lived on the wild side, and bought 1 box of jumbo SOUR rockets!

Oh I am fearing my first low with these little sour devils, but I am up for the adventure!

I got a good giggle when Jen wanted to buy the popeye pez-dispenser to treat lows....or the candy cigarettes.......ohhh to let two diabetics loose in a bulk candy store :)

Jen I'm going to bring some jumbo sour rockets in a plastic baggie for you HA!!!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Life goes on, we adapt!

How exciting - my grass is growing! I have been doing a lot of yard work, and house work - and it is paying off! Now if the rain would stop and let the sun have a chance.....

This is my new little friend. He comes out every day....chews in the brush, then waddles off....
He does not seem to mind when I come near, but I never get in the way!

The final yard clean up, what a great bonfire!! Burned long into the night, very warm! Ocean to one side, roaring fire to the other, a glass of wine - perfect!

I am loving the new tiny minilink, but I showed it to a co-worker the other day who said "Woooa, that is huge!!"....oh is he really knew how much bigger the first generation was! I feel this new transmitter is tiny. I forget it is there, but rely so much on its technology. I do not fear as I go to sleep, I do not even think about going low. I tend to go on with life - and the pump will give me a gentle nudge when things are going out of range. This is truly amazing technology, but I wish the insurance companies would hurry up and cover!! There are so many people who would benefit, and who need this technology - and I am tired of working OT at work to cover the supplies!

I am being patient, giving time for the insurance companies to warm up to the technology and see its benefits. I have an endo appointment in a weeks time, so I will be all set to show off the sensor! I will have to go on the carelink site and print off all the pretty graphs, charts and averages - and see how they compare to the lab values!

Well it is a holiday Monday in Nova Scotia, and I am on my first of 4 days off! I have just put a big pot of chili on the stove, and it is simmering away....smelling amazing! Now I am going to relax, and watch the grass grow. Cheers!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

What a Week!

Wow, that was a crazy busy week!

The house is all painted, the yard is looking end to a successful week!

I am enjoying the Minilink transmitter. It is so small, I usually forget it is there. I have never had a moment with the generation-1 transmitter when I forgot it was attached to my body - but the other day I was sitting at a restaurant and realized I had been out and about all day and had not once thought about the transmitter. So small, I don't even feel it there!

If I put it on the back of my arm, I would not see it either.....hmmm.....

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Lovin' the minilink!

I love the new Minilink - I actually forget that I am wearing a transmitter....and that is how it should be!

I an spending every day painting the house, and working on yard the glucose sensor! I have not had one low with all of this yard work! Today I spread gravel over all of the driveway....not easy, I'll feel that in the morning!

My CLEO 90 arm site worked perfectly. It was my first arm site ever - and the CLEO 90 made it easy to insert with one hand! No problems, so I have another CLEO 90 in my other arm! Giving my legs a rest! I am trying new things with infusion sets these days. New sets, new had been 6 years doing it one way - it is time to see what else is out there!!