Monday, May 21, 2007

Life goes on, we adapt!

How exciting - my grass is growing! I have been doing a lot of yard work, and house work - and it is paying off! Now if the rain would stop and let the sun have a chance.....

This is my new little friend. He comes out every day....chews in the brush, then waddles off....
He does not seem to mind when I come near, but I never get in the way!

The final yard clean up, what a great bonfire!! Burned long into the night, very warm! Ocean to one side, roaring fire to the other, a glass of wine - perfect!

I am loving the new tiny minilink, but I showed it to a co-worker the other day who said "Woooa, that is huge!!"....oh is he really knew how much bigger the first generation was! I feel this new transmitter is tiny. I forget it is there, but rely so much on its technology. I do not fear as I go to sleep, I do not even think about going low. I tend to go on with life - and the pump will give me a gentle nudge when things are going out of range. This is truly amazing technology, but I wish the insurance companies would hurry up and cover!! There are so many people who would benefit, and who need this technology - and I am tired of working OT at work to cover the supplies!

I am being patient, giving time for the insurance companies to warm up to the technology and see its benefits. I have an endo appointment in a weeks time, so I will be all set to show off the sensor! I will have to go on the carelink site and print off all the pretty graphs, charts and averages - and see how they compare to the lab values!

Well it is a holiday Monday in Nova Scotia, and I am on my first of 4 days off! I have just put a big pot of chili on the stove, and it is simmering away....smelling amazing! Now I am going to relax, and watch the grass grow. Cheers!

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