Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas!

The joy of the holidays is here!!

Merry Christmas to one and all.

I will be enjoying the festivities from work (sigh). Don't feel bad, I am there so those with kids can be home celebrating. I think of it as having Christmas with my work family!

Have to love the glucose sensors over the holidays (well for that matter love it all the time!). I was at a party last night and there was a HUGE table of food. You would think that I pigged out, but I was not able, too busy chatting!! I guess that worked to my favor. I will remember to add that as a tip next year for people....don't eat, just keep talking! I could make millions selling that holiday waist line saver!

There has not been any big news or breakthroughs from Medtronic for quite awhile now. I think since the release of the Minilink in August. If I had to predict, I don't think we will hear too much until the new meter is introduced in 2008.....but I think everyone would agree we are up for an upgrade soon!

On my, I almost forgot to share my scarry pump experience last night! At the party (Thanks Gary for the great party!), I looked down to check my sugar reading. I felt all smart to have the pump totally out of view as I was dolled up for the party! I reached (like a lady) into the waist of my leotards to check...and the pump face was blank! Ohhh my heart sank....I gave my party-hosts a quick hug, and took off homewards. That was a long drive home, as I tried and tried to wake the pump up. NOTHING! This was really strange....and might I add, not fun. Before I was going to pick up the phone to call the hotline, I decided to try a new battery. FEUF, that worked and the pump came back to life and was chugging away like nothing ever happened.

What the heck happened? I was sitting strong at 2 battery lines before this all happened? I may have knocked it around, but that is normal for the pump and it's daily adventure. I can not explain why this happened, and I know Medtronic will not be able to explain why this I will be getting a new pump for Christmas! Should I wrap it under the tree? Maybe the delivery person will be dressed up like Santa! What a strange occurrence, but what a great sigh of relief when it came back to life......

Merry Christmas to one and all! Happy Holidays!! Stay warm!


Donna said...

Hi Drea,
I've been having problems with my batteries running out of juice quicker than usual lately. I've not had mine go completely dead (yet). But the other day, I had 2 battery lines & about 1/2 hour later, I was getting a warning of low battery. What? Luckily, I had an extra one in my purse. So I changed the battery & all was well.

I hope mine doesn't decide to die on me completely like yours did. It could have least given you a warning, huh? Good luck with your new pump. Hope all goes well with it. Merry Christmas to you too!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Happy holidays to you Drea!