Tuesday, August 07, 2007

How do I set my oil budget on a HOT HOT summer day!

Irving Oil called today....they wanted to set me oil budget for the next 12 months! What a laugh I had. My furnace has been off since May, and is actually downstairs sweating during this 30+ degree Celsius heat wave! We talked about snow......furnace maintenance....storm windows....all the things you would expect on a sunny August afternoon!

I ordered in my first box of the inset-II infusion sets....they are BLUE! I thought I ordered pink, but I am equally excited to have some sort of color to my infusion set. Small things amuze me, I enjoy that I will have a little bit of color! I will have to read the instructions as Clay said he had a hard time using these sets! I don't think it will be that bad....I told him it was "user error" HA! I feel so wrong using an Animas set for my Minimed pump, but come on....I want the color! I want the pump-bling!


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah - pump bling! That kills me! Tell Irving Oil they need to add some bling to their customer service...and wait until at least September before calling about a budget plan, LOL :)


Donna said...

The color sounds so cool! I agree; it't the little things sometimes that make your day.
Oh, BTW, I have a family member who works for an oil company & he actually has to deliver the fuel oil (summer fills) during the hot hot hot summer months. The customers don't like it & neither does he - believe me. It's pretty common for him to be sweating while filling oil tanks in August. Doesn't make alot of sense, does it? It's unfortunate that the people doing the work never get to make the decisions on when the work gets done.
Oh well, get those storm windows & that furnace maintenance taken care of before the winter sets in. It will be here before you know it. LOL! In the meantime, enjoy the extreme summer heat & your new blue infusion sets!