Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Accountable to what I eat....hmmmm.....

Well my trainer, Devin, is amazing. What more can I say!! We work out every two weeks - he keeps me inspired to take care of myself. I need his energy!

Today, we sat and talked. I wanted to talk about the poor state of my gym sneakers, he wanted to talk about the food I eat.

He won.

We talked about food - and I think he was concerned! Whoops.....He asked me to log my food for the next few days. Usually when I am asked to log I tend to eat SUPER-WELL! This time, I am being honest. He can see the slice of banana loaf and cup of party mix I ate while I watched TV. I will be 100% honest!! 

True, unbias food record. 


Sandra said...

Um......would that mean I'd have to write down the spoonfuls of PB that I LOVE....the chocolate chipits I sneak.......the TWO pieces of blueberry pie that I had last night? I'd be in trouble :)

Scott K. Johnson said...

I'm guilty of the same thing - trying to be all super good because I'm logging.

But you are right - they can't help if they don't know where to start from!