Friday, August 24, 2007

Rain Rain Rain Rain

Today the forecast said "40% chance of rain"

It rained heavy ALL day! At one point my nephew and I could not take it indoors any longer, and we were prancing around on the wet the our bare feet! What a great visit from my family, including the lobster feast! 

So my new sensor is not giving me any errors. That strange sensor resetting seems at this point to have been isolated to my last sensor. That was very strange, and yes very annoying! 

Big news in Medtronic's world, they announced the new meters to be linked within their pump system. They announced for the US it will be a meter based on the One Touch system. They then announced the meter for everyone else outside of the US will be based on the Bayer Coutour system.

Being in Canada, I was very happy to hear Medtronic paired with Bayer. I use the Contour meter new. It is quite basic, but easy to use and I enjoy the meter....but I did find it strange that the choice of meters for Canada and US will be different WHY?


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Cara said...

Strange...I wonder why they picked different meters also. Being in the US I am pretty happy with the One Touch announcement. I used to have a One Touch and will be glad to get back to one. Plus the strips are easier to get here. My pharmacy currently has to order BD strips EVERY TIME I need them. It's kind of annoying.
I am going to my doctor on Monday & plan on asking about the CGMS. I think my insurance will pay for it now...I am kind of excited. But I'm trying no to get my hopes up.