Saturday, September 01, 2007

Not the smartest crayon in the box!

Wow, what a windy day today on the East Coast of Canada!! It is nice, blew the humid air right out the window! Today I am heading to the Lawrencetown beach to catch a national surf competition! I am not a surfer.....heck I am willing to give it a try, but there are MAJOR waves crashing on my beach so I can only imagine the waves for the surfers! I will be sure to take my camera.......and a sweater....and sharp elbows to get through the crowds (joke, it is a VERY large beach!!)

Now back to the crayon comment. I have been saving my Minimed gift certificates to buy glucose sensors. Being smart, I have been gathering these so that I can buy a 10 pack of sensors. The other day I looked closely....and actually read the fine print (hint, always read the fine print). Seems I can use only 1 per purchase. Not a shock, I really should have though of that. Ah well, no biggie, still a great value to get $100 off a box of 4 sensors and then later $150 off another box of 4 sensors.....not a bad deal, and saves me a few hours of OT at work!

Have a great labour day weekend, I am off to the beach! (Sandra, if you see Faith Hill or Tim McGraw in Moncton, tell them I say hello. Maybe they'll go to the waterpark too! HA!)


Anonymous said...


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Sandra said...

Hey! Sorry - no superstars at Magic Mountain.....just some excited kids :) Don't worry - you might not be the smartest crayon in the box, but you're the brightest! Wait....doesn't that make you the smartest then? Must run in the family :)