Saturday, February 03, 2007

Dreaded day-7 "LOST SENSOR" error.....

No picture with this post, I have not downloaded off the camera yet!!

So the dreaded day-7 Lost Sensor error! Happened at noon, while on the ski lift heading up the hill. (All the CGMS users GASP). I knew it was going to happen sometime today, but I was hoping for later in the evening when I was off the hill, all warm and cozy.

Instead, that nasty error called out to me BEEP BEEP BEEP....I saw WEAK SIGNAL, and I knew right away what was soon to follow! I could not have the pump any closer to the transmitter.....soooooo soon enough I was out and about with no sensor. No big deal, but I am so used to the comfort of reaching my pocket and knowing instantly how my sugar is doing!!

So I went in, had some lunch - and headed back to the room to take care of the sensor issue. Was checking my email while playing with the tape on the sensor. I had all the tape nicely moved on to reading the weather network online.....checked the site and re-taped.

Anyone pick up the fact that I actually did not disconnect the transmitter? HA, I missed that as well. A very nice new tape job now ready to me removed. Too funny, I was not paying attention and was in a hurry to get back out!! SOOO removed the tape again and this time actually re-set the sensor. Too back outside I head. Really cold out, but a good day :)


(later entry: Sensor restarted fine! Weather man is calling for -14 on Monday and I will be skiing..going to be a cold on! Oui Oui)

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