Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Too Cold To Ski! Keep Your Pumps Warm!

Well Well Well, it was TOO COLD to ski! -32 before the windchill meant PACK YOUR BAGS, head home! Spent one day at the hill, and two days out skating on the lake....

Out skating in -20 meant I had to tuck my pump close to my body! I put the pump in an inside pocket on my pants (inner layer pants). Toasty warm, but I had no hope of hearing any alarms if they were to ring out!

I am home now, sitting by the fire. I have a few days at home to relax now, which is never a bad thing!



Scott K. Johnson said...

Man - that is COLD!!!

Too bad on the skiing, but it is never a bad deal to have a few days off!

Carol said...

Whoa! Where were you? Sorry you missed skiing, but with those temps, that fire must feel great!

Drea said...

In Quebec, Mt Tremblant.....beautiful area!!