Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I found this picture on my camera! That was taken on the dash of the car while driving the other day. It was -28 when the car was started...thankfully it warmed up a degree before the picture was taken!

I bought a new pair of skates today! New-To-Me. I went in with my old skates, sold them to the "used sporting goods" store, and bought new used skates! Sold me old skates for $20!!! My new used ones (that sounds funny) cost me $4.95 SWEET DEAL! That was the excitement of my day! The pond across the street is frozen, smooth and free of ice - and even though it is FREEZING COLD out, I am always listening for the CRACK sound on the ice HA! I am taking the camera out tomorrow, so I will have pics of the skating pond!

I was skating around this afternoon, gracefully skating around....arms flying in the air....when WHOOPS, my mitten hooked on my pump tubing???? What was that doing outside its warm area?? Just like when you put a kid to bed, and you think the kid is asleep, but shows up 2 inches from your face while you nap on the couch. Same thing.

Thankfully I was up for a tubing change anyways - I figure that tubing had been out since I left the at least 45 minutes in the -12 air. I did not count on that 15 inches of tubing and insulin to be any good!!

This past set change lead me to a bad site selection! I was all set to try my arm for a site, but I backed out of the idea. I was not home, and I had a 23 inch tubing set. I figured if I wanted to keep my pump in my pants pocket I should use a 46 inch tubing (ALLLL pump users will agree you need more tubing......if you try to pull your pants down to pee and you don't have enough tubing when you site is on your arm....your chin will end up down by your knees as you pee HA!!!)

SOOO arm site I will try soon - but I put the site on the side of my thigh, right in the way of my pants (again, when dropping them to pee!!). I almost tore the site out many times, had to even put an OBSITE on the site to get the last say out of it! I am still deciding where to put my site tonight. I think I want to try something new.....I will let you know!


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MileMasterSarah said...

I do the arm sites as a regular rotation and they work great for me.