Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sore......but a good sore......

Yes I am a weeeee bit sore this morning. I met with my trainer at the gym yesterday afternoon! This was meet #2 since I rejoined the personal training program. I have met with Devin in the past and crave his energy! Everyone needs something to keep them going!

I am lucky, my work kicks in a % for my gym membership, and then the rest comes off my pay biweekly - so lets be honest, since they take it right off my pay I don't even miss it! SOOO I kicked in a little extra $$ and meet with Devin twice a month.

No more wasting time at the gym! Seems funny to say - I am still going, but not as often and for a shorter period of time. Devin created a program I run through - and once I am done what he tells me to do I GO HOME !! He is worth the money!

I am rewarding myself today, I feel it was a good week. I steered away from candy (yes Jamie I know, there was those chocolates..but that is between you and me HA...) so I am heading to Frenchy's - an awesome used clothing store that sells all the brand name clothes from the US - every hot and top name you could think of! You have to dig through bins, but it is such an adventure and you never know what you will find! CHEAP too....$2 for a shirt, $3 pants etc - I am sure you all know the deal - but it is always fun! I'll come out with a garbage bag full of clothes for everyone I know! Frenchy's (guy is the owner's name, not meaning for men only!) I'll let you know how it goes!

I no longer take my pump off at the gym. I used to - disconnect and keep the pump in my locker. With the CGMS, the pump is too valuable to leave off - I need it to tell me if I am dropping - so I tuck the pump in my sports bra and never know the difference! No lows at the gym yet - its going pretty good!


Anonymous said...

I wonder if you would have any advice for a 16 yera old "southern" girl going sking for the first time. We are going to Keystone, CO in a couple of weeks. My daughter is on the MM 722 with CGMS (loves it!). Although she has never skied, she is very athletic. We are wondering if altitude could adversly affect her pump and how to adjust her basals to avoid hypos. Any advice you may be will to give would be greatly appreciated.
Caroline (Richmond, VA)

Scott K. Johnson said...

Hey Drea!

Sounds like great focus at the gym! Having someone to show you the best way to spend your time is priceless!

Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Drea--kudos to you for going to the gym and sticking to a routine! I just started the same thing, but have failed to conquer the cardio part of the workout yet. I am too scared of dropping low at the gym! I am still working on temporary basal rate for those grueling cardio machines.

I also wanted to comment to Caroline, if I may?

Caroline--I just got back from snow-skiing for the first time in New Mexico. I was nervous about the pump and also the altitude. I was surprised to hear that NM has one of the highest slopes, so I was fully prepared for the worst. I was instructed by my doctor to drink plenty of fluids and constantly check my bloodsugar-which I do anyways! He said the altitude shouldn't affect the BS by itself but stay hydrated. The altitude the first day on the slope made me feel a little hypo (same shakiness) but I checked my BS and made sure I stayed a little on the hight side. I set a temporary basal at 50% because skiing is a lot of hard exercise! Make sure she keeps her pump close to her body for warmth. It's good that she has the CGMS because at times, my BD Pardigm meter wouldn't work because it was so cold, even though I kept it in my ski jacket in it's case. Drea could probably tell you better how the sensors have done in the cold weather. Also, my boyfriend kept plenty of glucose tablets and snacks in his backpack while we were skiing. Don't pack anything that can be hard to eat. My chocolate Zone Diet Bar was extremely hard to eat. Granola bars were great. It's also good that she has the CGMS because at one point the first day, it took three times to get any blood out of my fingers...all I got was clear liquid!! Weird! Your daughter is going to be fine. I can't wait to take another ski trip!

Drea--do you have the same advice? I am also looking to get the CGMS and am constantly reading your blog for helpful info. Thanks for sharing your experience!!


Drea said...

Hello Caroline!

I was not skiing at a high altitude this time, so I can not answer about that. I have been hiking quite a few times at high altitude and never had an issue!! I drank a lot of water and many small meals. Stay hydrated and test often!

I make sure when skiing to keep my pump close to my body. I have had tubing freeze in extreme cold weather. It is also hard to test at colder weather. Cold fingers and cold meters!! Keep the pump close to your body and the meter in a pack or in your pocket to warm!

Have fun!!!

Drea said...

Hello Lindsey! I agree with your comments, drink lots of water at high altitude!!! I was amazed first time I was in southern coloredo (Wolf Creek, Pegosa Springs and Terruride)

Thanks for the comments! Take care!

Anonymous said...

Thank you and Lindsey for your help. I read your blogs all the time as I want my daughter to be able to live her life to the fullest and not let diabetes, or a sometimes overprotective mom, to get in her way.You are a wonderful example of someone doing just that!

Drea said...

I am glad we can help you - I have been living with diabetes since I was a young child - it is hard sometime, but you are giving your daughter great tools to live with and a great philosophy to live by!

Life must go on!