Monday, February 12, 2007

Pump Skin Update.....2.5 months.....

Well I had to look back to find out exactly when I put this pump skin on....but it has been one my pump since Nov 28, 2.5 months! I am enjoying the pump skin, a little ray of sunshine everytime I take the pump out of my pocket!!

I think it is holding up very well! A small wear on the side corner, but other then that all ok! I am going to keep it on is a picture today:

I was out again taking pictures....and could not resist the ice fishers! It is ZERO out today, so I am assuming they are enjoying this warmer weather!

OH YEAH, I am on day #15 with this current feels great, no problems, no irritations. I typically would not leave it in this long, but it is super accurate and feel fine.........!!! WOW!


Kerri. said...

I think that pumpm skin in particular is my favorite. I'm considering ordering one for mine. :)

Love it!

George said...

That one is the coolest. I agree with Kerri. I wish there was a more "dudely" one. They all seem kinda fem. NO offence!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am trying to figure out which one to get for mine too!
I am leaning towards the jelly beans for the confusion other people will have when they see it :)
I am excited for tomorrow too! Today is my last day of 25!

type1emt said...

I wish the Cozmo had skins. I'm slightly jealous..:-) they really jazz things up.