Monday, June 16, 2008


To be quite honest, life has been exhausting over the past while. It seems every little task requires such effort and thought! I am in a phase of change, looking for a safe place to fall and exist, and feel at is truly Drea, against the world. The familiarity of this simplistic safety......but at the same time crunching down HARD with my diabetes control. I had sub-optimal lab results last week. Initially it was frustrating, and I did dwell a few days....but I talked it over in my mind, gave the 'ol internal slap, and got it back on track. That stint was a short lived diabetes vacation....well not really a true diabetes vacation, I simply allowed other factors (grrrrr) in my life to cloud my own self care! Not a positive choice! Lesson learned.....I knew better. What was I thinking?


dlatx said...

Sick! Man that is twisted!

Scott K. Johnson said...

I hear you Drea - I've been fighting myself lately too.