Sunday, July 08, 2007

You think I would have learned the first time....or the second.....and so on.....

It is usually busy during my 4 days on at work. I enjoy my schedule - 4 on, 4 off, I really can not complain!

Yesterday was my day between my two nights. I was home at 7am and hopped right into bed. Nighty Night!

I woke to my alarm at 4pm, as usual. Up and on the go. I have a set routine of the things I do as I prepare for the second and last night shift.

5:30, I was out the door. Right on time and even hung a line of laundry!

I was half way to work when my pump alarmed. I checked, Low reservoir. DOH!

Now I could change it at work, but I did not want to. The set and insulin at work are my spare, and I had fresh waiting at home!

14 units when I arrived at work - I was now on a budget for the next 12 hours.

Whoops, a few too many correction bolus thanks to my need to "snack" always have the good treats at work!

3am I checked, the pump summary screen read --:-- units remaining. WHOOPS.

BUT, Minimed must have it set up for extra units, much like a gas tanks and the "E" light!

I arrived home at 7am this morning, and my BG had not risen, even tho I was running on empty for the past 4 hours! Not sure how much extra, but there is some give to their "empty --:-- left" status!

I am changing my set now, and will nap for the morning! Full again. Ahhh, sigh of relief!


Lili said...

My 522 has about 11 units left once it hits 0.

Marina said...

You know you can change the reservoir without changing the set, right?

Drea said...

I figured there was at least 10 units when the --:-- shows, it seems when you look at the reservoir there is still room to move!

You can change the reservoir only - but I knew I was going home in a few hours for a whole new fresh set :)

Ian said...

FYI...When it is really out you will get a "No Delivery" alarm, so you weren't really empty.