Sunday, July 29, 2007

New Medic Alert Bracelet!

Finally! My new medic alert bracelet! Took a little longer, but I made the beads by hand!

  Here is the final product:


Sandra said...

Very Pretty! That was funny passing you on the highway today while talking on the cellphone :) What timing!

Enjoy your two days off!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Nice bracelet! You know, if you use lobster claws on both sides of the tag, you can change out your bracelet (if you make more beads...more bracelets).

You can get those lobster claws at the Bead Pod on Grafton Street in Halifax. Or Michaels' in Bayers Lake.

Drea said...

That is so true - excellent idea!! Interchangeable :)

Donna said...

This looks great! I've bought a bunch of beads & stuff to make extra bracelets to go with my diabetes alert tag. I just can get up enough energy to get it all out & start on one. Yours is so pretty; I will make it my inspiration to get started.