Wednesday, July 25, 2007

6 Years ago today....and Happy Birthday Dad!

My first day with an insulin pump was exactly 6 years ago today. WOW where did the time go? I remember that day like it was yesterday. I wish I could go back to that point in my life again...but of course with the knowledge I have now!

To celebrate, I went out to dinner with one of my best friends and reflected! I think my pump anniversary is more to me then my own birthday! What a life changing experience. Thanks Kerry :)

My reflections:
I enjoy sleeping in
I work shift work, including night shifts
I do not eat set meals at set times
I have not been to an ER for diabetes emergencies               in the past 6 years
I enjoy multi day hikes, without worries
I have reduced, and continue to reduce my HA1c
I feel almost normal
I have met many amazing friend who also use pumps
I enjoy always knowing what my BG is
No more high AM sugars
Food is fun, not medicinal 

Life is easier.


Donna said...

Happy 6th anniversary!

Sara said...

My favorite reflection on your list:

food is fun not medicinal! :D

Scott K. Johnson said...

Happy pumpiversary!

Anonymous said...

Dammit! How come I never remember these things! And has it really been 6 years????? I remember the fight to get Blue Cross to cover the costs.....

I'm really happy that the pump is working so well for you :)

Love Sandra