Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The First Entry!

Hello everyone!! Welcome to my small little piece of the world! I was surfing the web reading so many blogs from other people - and decided to get in on the action!! I wanted to talk about my experiences with my NEW Minimed 522 CGMS...and yes add a little about other day to day experienes as well!

I have had type 1 diabetes for 21 years....had my 5 year pump anniversary on July 25th, 2006!! I started with the Minimed 522 CGMS/pump a few weeks ago and have been learning soooo much every day! I think my entries will be mostly about my expierences with the new pump - I was not able to find a lot of entries about people using the new pump system!! I have learned different tricks of the trade...things that others probably already knew - and may laugh at me...but I will share my expierences!

So I am just setting this up - I will add more shortly!!


Scott K. Johnson said...


Found your blog via the Diabetes O.C.'s latest update.

Glad to see you joined in on the fun! I'll check out your other posts and will add you to my list.

Take care!

Drea said...


Thanks for the welcome!! I just recently found Diabetes O.C. the other day and spent hours reading through blogs! Enjoy the journey.....I love comments! Cheers, Andrea