Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Today call to Customer Support

I find the staff at Customer Support with Minimed are always friendly and helpful - that is nice. I called again this morning - had another bad sensor error last night. Still trying to fine tune these 12 hr calibrations!!

From my call today I learned the following things:

the iSig value should fall within a 2 --> 200 range. There is no coorlation between a higher isig and a better reading
Do not calibrate when there is any sort of fluctuations - you will force yourself into a BAD SENSOR error
You can insert the sensor anywheres you can the pump infusion set. This morning I out mine on my lower back and the sensor/transmitter are out of site out of mind!! I have them covered with IV3000 which STICK WELL!!! (ouch......)

I did an online survery the other day and get a $50 gift certificate from the store!!! Excellent deal - I used it for supplies! I placed a small order - it arrived by fed ex the NEXT DAY! Amazing....considering I live in the country!!!

I am starting my first of 4 days off from work - I love my schedule! Cheers. Andrea

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