Thursday, September 14, 2006

It worked....

WOW!! I uploaded all the graphs for a two week period to my laptop - and took them to sort through while at work. So I had internet explorer open with the windows XP - saved the graphs and summaries as .pdf files and then opened them over on the main MAC OSX platform. Slick!!!

I enjoy the graphs - but it is hard with my lifestyle. I work shift work - so it is hard to say I have a trend a certain time of the day - for 4 of eights days I am working, two days and then two nights - and then 4 days off. So there is no M - F trends. That makes it hard - so I am going to look at it all as an 8 days cycle, and then break it down to the 4 work days versus the 4 rest days (well not really rest HAHA!!!)

I got 7 days out of my last sensor. I had a bath...lots of bubbles and jets - and had a "weak signal" error that eventualy led to LOST SENSOR. I waited several hours and tried several times, and never got the sensor back. I changed it this morning.....

I am off to sleep now...tired....cheers.

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