Friday, September 22, 2006

New Transmitter Arrived

Well I have nothing bad to say about Minimed - I had a new transmitter to my door in under 3 days. That is not bad - considering I live in Nova Scotia and the transmitter was sent out frorm California!! Seems to be working well - but I must have a sensor that is "on the line" - meaning in the right place...but JUST - my isig values are low, and often dip below 1 and then I get "sensor error"- when this happens I just let the pump go for a bit - and I find the sensor catches up. For the first time ever I had a sensor error from sleeping on the site...or so that seems to be the reason. I had to get out of bed early - the alarm on the pump was waking me up!! I will admit, it is hard enough to sleep after a nice shift...add a beeping / vibrating pump HA!

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Bernard said...


I just heard that BD will not be supporting their meters. I'm wondering whether this means that Minimed will be supporting an alternate. Please let me know what you find out.