Sunday, September 10, 2006

Tonight is the night......for Carelink....

I have Windows XP running on my MacBook. It is a sin, and I have names it "satan". We'll see how it goes. I bought XP on Ebay for $80 and installed it. Seems at first to be running well, and the installantion was easy and occupies 5 GB. My next goal is to link up my meter and see how the carelink works!!! That is the goal for the night tonight...

My question to everyone out there - anyone is Canada have their insurance compant cover their glucose sensors or transmitters?? To date I have been told NO by bluecross. I have asked on two calls thus far. I did the math and with a sensor lasting 6 days, which at this rate seems to be the MINIMUM a sensor is lasting - comparing to a typical 10 tests a days...glucose sensors can be cheaper!!! I will attempt to post my comparison of numbers if anyone is interested.

I will let you all know how the caelink site and pump data upload goes on the macbook!!!!


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Tiffany said...

Hi Andrea,
My insurance company pays for the sensors, but I'm with SunLife. They won't cover the transmitter as of yet. Do you have Bluecross through work? I know that when I was on Bluecross my level of coverage depended very largely upon the deductible that the company paid. Medtronic of Canada might be able to help you draft your insurance toward covering the sensors.

Have fun on Carelink! They have some pretty good sensor reports on there :)