Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Welcome 2007!

Well it was a graceful transition into 2007! Hard to believe it is January tho - think this is global warming, or just a warm winter? Here it is January 4th, and the weatherman is calling for +10 to +12 this weekend. Not good to turn our ponds into ice for skating!

I was out for a walk yesterday.....I am loving my new camera, and am taking a lot of pictures! Still have not had my snowfall....but I am sure it will happen soon. No fear!

So lets talk RT system. It is going well - I would not trade it for the world, but I am looking forward to a smaller sensor/transmitter system!! I hear there is one in the works....I would love to see it soon! I have not had success with Bluecross for coverage, but I am always trying. I am going to put in a coverage request soon with recent HA1C results, and a few journal articles and recent result publications. It all comes down to Minimed tho, they have not released clinical usage guidelines to the insurance companies. Until these are released, the insurance company will not consider their coverage.........interesting.......product released but no usage guidelines!? I understand they are new on the market, so I am hoping this all gets sorted out soon. Such a great device!!!

My advice for the day - even though you can leave the sensor in for many days with good results, I suggest you do not go over 6 - 7 days. I have found it hard on my skin to host the sensor for that long. Some irritation at the insertion point, and the tape is hard on the skin as well. I have been leaving the sensors in for 10+ days.....due to the lack of coverage $$$$....but it is not worth the skin hassels!! From now on, 7 days is TOPS for a sensor on my skin. Maybe that's a good new years resolution! Happy 2007 to all!


In Search Of Balance said...

Gorgeous photos! Hope you'll be posting more!


Jen A said...

Hey 'Drea :)

I am at the library (which blocks my e-mail), but I just found this link while doing swim research, which I think may amuse you.

Look familiar? :)