Thursday, March 01, 2007

Low Transmitter Battery Alarm!

This afternoon I was tucked nicely in bed, letting my body recover after my LONG night shift. At about 1pm I was woken by my pump alarm. That is nothing out of the ordinary, that happens....but what I saw as shocking "LOW TRANSMITTER BATTERY!".

WOW, this is a new alarm.....I need to do something about this quickly!

I called the 1-800 number for Minimed, and spoke to a nice rep. She explained to me that my transmitter warrenty is OVER 2 weeks agos and there is nothing they could do!

2 weeks ago - you have to be kidding me! I am a passive person, and this is pissing me off (likely due to the fact that I am very overtired and this woke me up!!!)

I spoke to all sorts of people and no one could help me. I tried asking how long the battery would last, and all they could tell me was that it would alarm every day until it died.....and it was not known when that would be.

I hung up the phone feeling alone in the diabetes would yet again. For the amount of support that Minimed says they give - I have been shoved to the side this time. I know they have rules and timelines, but I am talking 2 weeks over the warrenty period AND the company reps are admitting that this is not common.

Thanks Minimed for the help. I have 2 boxes of transmitters that I purchased in my fridge...and now a transmitters that is not only going to alarm every day now - but has a ticking lifespan that is going to end at any moment.

And the kicker to it all.....still paying the original one off. OUCH, that hurts.

The rep tells me "good news, there is a new one being released in the next few months that has a rechargable battery". I said "good to hear, thanks - but how does that help me now?"........silence......silence.......

I am quite bitter now, so I am trying to not write too much negative. Up to this point the CGMS system has been wonderful and worth it's weight in gold, but this is a turn of events I did not expect.....and I am fighting.....

BUT what bad luck for my transmitter to die 2 weeks after its warranty. it does not get much worse then that!! I will updated if I make any progress because I know others will be in this situation soon....

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Scott K. Johnson said...

Sorry to hear that Drea. I think the timing of it dying would be inconvenient at just about any time, but feels so much worse with the warranty expiring.

How much do they cost? How long have you been wearing it?