Monday, April 30, 2007

Up and Running with my new Minilink!

Up and running with the new Minilink transmitter!

No problems at all. The new sensor came charged, so all I had to was remove the old transmitter, recode for the new transmitter and restart my sensor!

Here is the before and after!

I really enjoy how much smaller this new transmitter is! And no extra tape...I have been freed!! I feel like I should be taping down the transmitter, but for now - I will leave it be and see how it all makes out!

Wonderful BG day today! Stayed between 4 and 6, with several meals, Cinnabon and two random no deliveries with my infusion set while having coffee with a friend at Starbucks (guess I wore this one a little too long!)....wish all days could be like that! I felt immune :)


LORI said...

It looks much less cumbersome!

Does your insurance cover CGMS, or do you pay for it yourself? I'm considering upgrading my pump to the 522 and getting the Minilink and paying for it myself. Seems like it would be worth it.

Kevin said...

I love that fleeting feeling you get on days when your blood sugars behave so nicely that "maybe I'm not really diabetic".