Monday, June 04, 2007

I may be jinxing this sensor....but.....

Wow, I looked at my calender this morning and realize the month of May had slipped past!

The sensor I currently have in has been living on and keeping up perfectly. I hope not to jinx my little buddy, but when I looked at my calender, I see that it is day #30 for this sensor.


The sensor is located right before my rib cage ... front and centre .... and looks like the day I inserted.

No tape irritation at all. I have been changing the small piece of tape on the day 7 resets. I had a day 7 reset yesterday. Once I see that "weak signal" alarm I disconnect right away, charge the sensor and reconnect. The whole process take a few hours - and the sensor starts up no problem. This morning the sensor was reading 5.8 mmol/L and my meter read 5.4 mmol/L....

With the generation-1 transmitters, I found I would get a weak signal if I were sitting/lying on the transmitter. With the Minilink, the only time I ever get a weak signal is if my battery is dead or it is the day 7 reset. Even when I am lying on the sensor (ie sleeping on my stomach) the transmitter is still able to pick up the signal. This is a significant improvement. Knowing this information, once I get the weak signal alarm I know it is always 1 day after a second 3-day restart, and I go ahead and reset the sensor, change the tape and check out the site.

No redness at all with this sensor, even after 30 days! Maybe this is a good area for me to have a sensor - it is a relatively protected area (sorry guys.....I have the ledge of protection above the sensor) and not a lot of movement in that area.

As far as everything keeps going well, I will let the sensor live on ..... but I am still shocked at the 30 day mark with everything going so well!


Caro said...


I've been using CGM for 11 months ad my record is 27 days for one sensor - so you've trashed that! I also did have quite a bit of skin irritation by that time too.

Way to go... let's hope the little sensor keeps it up!

Bernard said...

Wow from me too!

That's amazing. The longest I've gotten from a Dexcom sensor is about 15 days.

Guinness Book of World Records time!

ianforbes said...

Do i understand correctly that you have the sensor on the top portion of your stomach just under the sternum?

Have you had long-term luck with any other location(s)? Care to share...

Drea said...

Yes just under the sternum!

I also have a lot of luck using the side of my thighs!

type1emt said...

How long do your infusion sets (pump) last? It's really amazing to me that CGM sensors last so long, when infusion sets get trashed so quickly.