Friday, October 19, 2007

Finally I have internet back...

Wow, I really feel disconnected from the world. I have been without internet for the past month but finally today I have been plugged back in. It is a nice feeling. I missed reading all my blogs, keeping up with info and chatting with friends. 

I found when I was cut off from the internet world, I picked up the phone more often and actually PHONED people! I must say that was not a bad thing at all. 

Today a hole was drilled through the wall of the room that will host my office area.....eel grass came out of the wall (insulation from 60 years ago)....and through that hole came this weeee internet cable from the outside world into mine. Why hello little cord, what knowledge do you have to share with me!!!

My friend is still in the hospital, but he is surrounded by a strong medical team....and it was that medical team who gathered around his bedside this afternoon and watched him do his pump site change, and asked 15 minutes worth of questions! More impressively, the nurse that came on duty in the evening knew all the pump lingo :) 

I said we were pump buddies, as I pulled my pump into view of the staff. We stick together!


Donna said...

I'm glad your friend is going better. That's great that he was able to do his site change in front of a lot of people. Even though they were medical professionals, I would have had a panic attack.

It's good he has a pump buddy like you for support.

Jeff said...

Hi Drea.

Whenever our service goes down, I feel utterly uninformed until it's back up. Since I started my own site a few months ago (and began reading the good blogs out there every day,) I not only learn a lot more D-news, but I learn it as soon as it hits the wires.

I saw my endo's PA today, and found myself actually informing HIM on stuff that he should be telling ME. Then I wrote a co-pay check and asked myself, "What's wrong with this picture?"