Friday, November 02, 2007

Hope this hurricane misses us!

All of these leaves are soon going to be on my lawn asking to be raked hurricane Noel is heading right for Nova Scotia. The weather people say it will be a tropical storm, but either way these beautiful leaves to not stand a chance!! As it stands now, when I get to the bottom step at my back door I land into a foot deep pile of leaves.....every day a little bit of fun to jump and kick these leaves (yes my neighbors have accepted I am not normal....). What a mess it will be Sunday morning! 

Amazing (for me) story from last night. I went to bed, my glucose was 4.8mmol/L. I knew it was stable as I had not eaten in several hours and no extra insulin. I rolled over knowing that if I dropped (for an unknown reason) my sensor would gently wake me as it always does. I slept like a baby, which will be good for this friendly cold that is loving to hang out with me. I woke in the morning, checked and I was sitting at 4.4mmol/L. WOW....this could happen every day and each day I would still be equally excited!  

I cherish and value a good blood glucose reading as there is a lot of hard work behind every single one :)

Always a great way to start the day! Off to enjoy the leaves before they are all blown to the ground....

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Cara said...

Wow! Great blood sugars! (I had to get out my pen and paper & multiply as I am in the US) :) I love it when there are good numbers like that. I am still trying to get my own CGMS. Insurance is being a regular pain right now, but I'm still working on it. Hopefull by early next year. :)