Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mold in my Soy Milk?

Gross. Mold in my soy milk. GROSS!

I took this soy milk, before I knew it was moldy - and made low-fat vanilla pudding.

I was very excited to have my pudding, a little treat!!

I could not figure out why it tasted moldy....I figured it was something in the dish. GROSS.

This morning I poured some of the soy milk to take to work. I was very good in packing up my lunch....including cereal with this soy milk, and a bowl of pudding.

I poured the cereal and dug right in.

YUK! Mold!

It all clicked then...the MILK was bad!! Sure enough, a ring of mold on the top of the carton.

Anyone know how to bolus for mold?



Sandra said...

That ranks right up there with Darren drinking a fruit juice and what he thought was a lump of banana! Turns out it was a huge ball of mold! Disgusting!

I've been known to leave my fat free sour cream in the fridge too long and when I make my quesedilla for lunch, I'm sniffing all around trying to figure out where the mold is! Takes me a while to figure out it's actually inside the quesedilla and not the pita I made it with, LOL!

Sorry I'm not a blogger so you can't tag me - I've got some pretty weird facts about me that I could share - HAH!

Adriana said...

heyy, i didn't know there were any fellow canadian bloggers out there!? I live in Ontario but y'know... what can you do? I'm doing a science project with my daughter, and she was thinking of doing something with mold.

Im like... gross, but okay. and so she's gonna put out a glass of milk and a piece of cut fruit out and see what happens. what molds faster? what'ya think? good? bad?

you're a real inspiration to me, this is the first time i've commented, but i've been reading your blog since like... EVER! and, thinking about this one blog, i was like, HEY! you know what? i'm gonna ask Drea! and so, here i am. asking YOU. please reply ! :)