Saturday, November 24, 2007


Anyone else find they do not like to share their BG readings???

I often test in public, and people will always look and ask. Every time it is a show for all to see. I understand that, and have to accept that fact. 

People will ask:
"You have the sensor thing, I thought you did not have to test"
"Bet that hurts eh"
or even better
"What are ya?"

For the most part, it drives me nuts when someone asks me what my sugar is. Why does a stranger to my diabetes care need to know what my sugar value is? Am I acting crazy? Why are they suddenly concerned, and when I tell my sugar they walk away? Are they just trying to make small talk?

I don't mind if, for sake of an example, my sister would ask me. She is involved in my life and has invested interest, and concern. A person at my work whom I speak with once a week does not have invested concern in my heath, rather a general curiosity and does not realize I get asked that question every time I test my sugar :)

People are curious by nature....or feel awkward and need small talk, but I am a private person....and don't need to be lectured by strangers every time my sugar is outside of the desired 4-6mmol/L range......unless they are doctors :)


Lili said...

It's weird for me - I am really open about my diabetes. Yet, last spring I saw a friend I hadn't seen in person since being diagnosed. We went on a trip together. Now, I test 7-20 times a day, more especially when so many things are going on. This friend asked me every single time I tested what my blood sugar was and how I was doing. After two days of this, I lost it and yelled at them. I felt bad about it, but I can't live my life that way.

Donna said...

I'm a pretty private person, too. So I don't like it when someone asks to hear my result. I feel it's not their business unless I offer it. It's kind of like going up to a perfect stranger & asking how much they weigh. I don't think a lot of people would like to answer that. Maybe the next time someone asks for your result, you could say "I'll tell you if you tell me how much you weigh." Am I being mean?

Scott K. Johnson said...

I agree - it is a personal thing and creates an ackward situation when someone asks.