Monday, November 19, 2007

Taking Care of You.

Did I mention how much I love my CGMS? I just wish the clinical guidelines were produced for the sensors so I could fight for insurance coverage!!

The original date for the clinical guidelines for the usage of the sensors was October 2007. 

My good pumping friend Jen saw Dr Ian Blumer at a recent conference and she asked how these clinical guidelines were going. He stated Spring 2008 they would be ready.

.....and so I insurance company will not even consider discussing any sort of coverage until these clinical guidelines are produced.

So my plight for coverage is still on hold. I have taken this fight as far as I can go for the time being....I must continue to pick up overtime to afford this amazing technology - but the work is worth the reward.

I had bloodwork today.....lets see how the ol' A1c is doing!! :)


Pearlsa said...

I tagged you on my blog check it out!

Donna said...

Hi Drea,
I didn't realize you had already been tagged so I tagged you, too! Anyway, here are the rules:
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Thanks & have fun!

PS. I hope your A1C was good!