Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sure-T Saga......

I was in love with the Sure-T infusion sets....but have they turned on me?

The past 4 sets have been painful and resulted in bruising! Not a small bruise, but an ugly bruise with all the typical bruise-rainbow-colors, and the size of 2 quarters. What!!?!?!?! My faithful Sure-T sets, why are they doing this to me?

Maybe I am inserting differently? One set was on the side of my thigh, the other was on my stomach. Both areas that are well accustomed to the Sure-T. This is very strange! I am not willing to give up on these sets, I enjoy that they do not leave a mark on my skin....well they didn't, until now!

I will keep you all posted about this strange occurrence!

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Anonymous said...

I have found that with a lot of movement that the sure T's metal needle actually will remove its self and reinsert its self over and over again.

Leaving a large wound

I don't really like them but will tolerate them when I am in a situation that if the set comes out I can reinsert it and then use tape to hold in place

I prefer the Silhouette over all infusion sets.

The use of a Transparent thin film I.V. site dressing helps to hold them in place. I use them w/ all sets. due to the active nature of my work.

I its just one more thing to buy but its worth it.

That's just my opinion