Friday, December 05, 2008

Still Running.....bundle up!

Winter came to Nova Scotia, for a short period. We had 2+ feet of snow. We shoveled driveways, slid in our cars on the road, waited in line up to get snow tires and sat by roaring wood fires.

Less then a week later, we were back to 10 degree temperatures, wading through the slush and now back to seeing the grass on the lawns and the leaves waiting to be raked. What a climate we have....

This year I am determined to keep running outside during the winter. Typically I transition to the treadmill, and start up again in the spring. Running inside is not even close to "the real thing" for I have enlisted the help of my running buddy Wyatt to keep me on the roads. We headed out in -7 degree temperature for a 9km run around the city, and that went well. I slid a few times, but nothing major. Last weekend, I participated in a 10km road race around the city, and that went far, I should be ok.

I am learning I tend to overdress, as I watch other runners in shorts and t'shirts, while I am wearing lined leggings, two shirts, mittens and a hat....and wondering why I am so HOT at the end of the run! This will come with time and more sub zero experience.

On the good side - the cold temperatures will keep me running, that is for sure. I would not want my pump to freeze, so I keep it close to my as long as I am warm, it is warm. I stop running and cool down, it could keep those feet moving girl! Not a problem today, as we sit at 4.2 degrees and rain. The cold temperatures have gone away for awhile....but I know they will return!

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Scott K. Johnson said...

That's a lot of determination! Good for you!

I'm barely able to talk myself into getting to the car for my lunchtime basketball when it's cold!