Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just went I thought I knew everything about my pump......

Late last night, I woke to my pump asking for a calibration. In my haste to get to sleep after work last night, I forgot to test before going to sleep.

After my test, I was scrolling through the pump screens to get to my "daily totals". I don't usually look at this number, but for the past few weeks I have been watching my daily totals (.....just curious). Being dark, I was using the backlight to illuminate the pump screen.

When the screen light timed out, I pressed the button to reactivate the light, but I did not realize that I has missed button, and pressed ACT while I was looking at a daily total.

I looked at the pump, and I had no idea what I was now looking at......what was this breakdown? I had no idea that I could see the breakdown of my daily total by pressing ACT, while on a certain day's total.

I was looking at my %daily total basal versus %daily total bolus, and many other summary features. This was amazing, and I had no idea.

Funny how you think you know something inside and out.....and in the wee hours of the morning, you find yourself under the covers scrolling through daily totals for the past week looking at in depth details......what a neat discovery.....took awhile to fall back asleep!!


Anonymous said...

I love/hate looking through my daily totals. The most interesting parts for me is looking at my percentage of basal vs. bolus and my food vs. correction. It helps me know if my settings are right and if I am eating responsibly.

I found it by accident too! :)

Scott K. Johnson said...

Ha! You are so right! It's just when we think we know so much we are shown something new.

chris bishop said...

I love finding little nuggets of goodness like that. I know I haven't fond everything on my pump and now that I am getting the new Minimed 523 on Monday, there will be new and fun features to be found. I might go as far as to open the manual. Theres a concept.