Sunday, September 24, 2006

Great Herons!

Amazing Herons everywheres today!

I went out for a walk - it looked like it was going to storm, crazy storm....not like a sprinkle of rain - but A full out storm. The waves were crashing on the beach, wind whisking by - so I went out for a walk!! Now the wildest thing, every few feet along the beach I went - Herons were flying all over the place! I think they were looking for protection on the beach, but the numbers of Herons I say today was outstanding!

Was supossed to see the Rolling Stones last night. It rained. It rained REALLY hard and there were people everywheres on the commons in Halifax. A BIG PILE OF MUD now....musically satisified mud.

Had a smooth transition from day 3 to day 4 of my current sensor with the new transmitter. So far so good.....

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1955dm said...

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